What is FakeHer.com?
FakeHer.com is a free & easy to use online tool to create your own fake photos and captions. It works right in your browser, create your fakes & captions in seconds. Faking as easy as breathing!

Please exit if you are below 18 years of age!
free to use

Free & in your browser!

FakeHer.com is free and works directly in your browser

Open a photo from your computer. Start creating your own fake images right away in your browser, for free!

Save finished works as .jpg or .png to your computer

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faking with a breeze

Easy drag & drop editor

Faking with a breeze of fresh air

Drag and drop ready-made "graphics" onto your photo. Rotate and scale with the mouse. You dont need to know anything about complicated image editing software. Faking as easy as breathing.

it also does captions

Add your own captions

Nothing beats a good story

Choose one of many caption styles and start typing. You can simply move, rotate and resize the captions with your mouse. Add as many captions as you wish.

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It's anonymous

Nobody sees your photos

Your photos are edited on your local machine right in the flash browser window. Your photos are not uploaded to a server, and therefore nobody else besides yourself can see them.

Why use FakeHer.com?

It's Free!

It's Sexy!

There's nothing like it!

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